A complete 180

In more ways than one I have backflipped, flip flopped and turned inside out, but most recently, like today for instance, I changed my mind on upcoming surgery and I’m very excited.

Originally I was convinced I would get a flap reconstruction which would involve major risk, possible devastating complications, up to 11 hours on the operating table, up to 8 weeks recovery and high chance of mediocre results. Yes there was a free tummy tuck on offer but with my body shape it was not going to achieve desired results and I’d be left with B grade (cup) boobs that could fluctuate with my weight gain/loss, sag with age and still be left with my high round waist I’ve always had. Not my idea of a happy ending.

So I’ve opted for implants, a mere 8 hour operation. First stage, they use my back muscle to line my affected breast, then insert skin expanders bilaterally. I then pump my boobies up over the next month or so. (Steve you’re welcome to join in here!) When I’m happy with the size (right now I’m thinking the bigger the better to proportionaly match the rest of my torso) I go back and get the implants inserted.

I’m relieved, happy, excited and settled, and all of a sudden confident about the future, the process and my body. I think all I needed was a plan (Yes Cheryl I like to be in control and yes Tash I don’t like having my back up against the wall). Choice and control is what I’m talking ’bout – anyone would think I work in the NDIS industry!

So with that I have a weight lifted off my shoulders, I can start my exercise and eating plan right now without the thought in the back of my mind that it may affect future outcomes, I’ll have big perky tits and it all starts on the 7th of February 2020, so fully ready in time for footy season WAMS.

I get my infuser port out next Thursday, I’m on Letrozole my hormone blocker which I seem to be tolerating well and I start my oral hercepton in a month. If I don’t tolerate that it’s something we can play around with dosages and take breaks from when needed, so I’m feeling much better about that too. (Only the 3rd medical trial I’ve been on for cancer in my life – What could go wrong?)

On the other hand, Todd is looking forward to 2 more new puppies in the house!

Happy days – seriously happy days. Xx

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