Weeding the garden and the soul

Observation 1.: it is impossible to weed where your fat dog is lying!😂🐕

Observation 2: do not wear overalls when you are trying to drink 2 litres of water a day!🌊

I spent the weekend in the sun, weeding between the pavers and picking through my brain, to my favourite tunes. And I feel great.

I am reaping the benefits of whole foods, lots of water, vitamin D and accomplishment. Trying to reduce the inflamtion by resting and semi detoxing has helped my knee. Doing has helped my sense of worth and finally honestly talking to my husband has cleansed my soul.

We have finished the painting of our redecorating project and should have it looking almost complete next weekend (except I keep adding things to the list).

I have a new feeling of gratitude and trust in the process thanks to all the people around me who have been listening.

I do believe this is truly the start of something new!

Happy days xx

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