What face shall I wear today?

Yesterday I was a doting daughter giving tough love to dad for best recovery because God knows if Betty kicks him out I sure as he’ll ain’t having him.

Today I want to say fuck it and sleep in, quit my job and sit in the sun, tomorrow I’ll feel the same about work as I have no leave so i can’t even take a mental health day…..or 6 months LSL to rest the weary.

I had a wonderful weekend. There’s nothing like time in the country doing things you don’t normally do, to make you feel alive. A taste of four wheel driving, the 1st lambs of spring, your son driving in the paddocks and of course my nephew’s debutant ball.

Saturday night Foster came 3rd in the LFC B&F, a pretty good effort considering all the footy he had and all the games he missed due to other footy commitments, but I could’ve slept through it to be perfectly honest I was so tired.

On “Sun”day as I wash the cars, I wondered how do you accept things without letting them take over and along comes my neighbour (a trained counsellor, yoga instructor & Tibetan purist) and helps me recognise I’m doing all the right things by having some good crys, going places with my mind that are uncomfortable then coming back to a safe place step by step. We have had only 3 chats now and all of them have been deep and meaningful, no small talk – thank God cause I hate that, it’s just a waste of my time. We’ve already agreed next debrief will be over a wine on her balcony.

Happy days xx

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