Busy week

As you all know, my week started with a lot of info from my oncologist on Monday. By Wednesday my dad had his first major operation, a hip replacement (81 last week and $30,000 later for the privilege) and was a typical grumpy old man behaving badly! This saw me at the western hospital everyday this week!

On Wednesday I also saw my breast surgeon (Christine) who did a quick clinical check of my wound sites and gave me the all clear to book an appointment with my reconstruction surgeon but cautiously warned me she won’t agree to the procedure for another 8 months. (Evidence suggests better outcomes if you wait 12 months after radiotherapy). Being the amazing surgeon that she is however, she understood, for my sanity and sense of moving forward I need a tentative date and time frame.

Christine went on to book me for day surgery to remove my infuser port, now that chemo will be finished in the near future. Date locked in is October 10th. She said as she’s gotten more experienced in consulting she realizes our time is as valuabl as hers, as she used to forget to suggest this in follow up appointments then have to call the patient back for a further appointment. What an awesome chic!

(I do think only now, I’m coming to terms with my experience. The body can only physically take so much and mine has had 3 courses of chemo in a lifetime and 2 courses of radiotherapy and at some point, that has to take a toll. A person going through this once can overcome and go on their merry way. This is now my 3rd battle and although I’m not broken I am damaged. I look like a recovered thriving cancer survivor but on the inside my body is fighting every day to be free of pain. But if you know me well enough you know I can and will reinvent myself once again. It’s not the first time and won’t be the last).

On Thursday we picked up our new car and today we are heading to Bute for a special occasion for our nephew and for Murray to meet cousin golden retriever Roger.

Speaking of Murray he escaped out the front door again this morning and since we are yet to finish our fence (what! 6 years too slow?) he ran off. If you know Todd, you know he gets anxious before footy or other unknown out of the comfort zone events (like driving a new car with a dog in it). So as I was sipping my coffee in bed with blinds open (my favourite part of the day – just looking through my front window as I ponder my day) I heard Todd yelling ‘Murray come!’ and knew this would end badly. I see Murray running freely on the opposite side of the street, Todd yelling and walking back and forth then start running, then I see the postman ride past then I see the proverbial dog chasing the postman, just a flash of golden shag, then Todd trailing behind. I seriously LMFAO.

Happy daysxx

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