Should have stopped at the remote

That’s what a friend told me Monday when I was having my meltdown about the simple things (in particular tech) spilling my cup.

I told Google Mini she was a bitch yesterday because she wouldn’t do what I asked. Im taking to a robot and insulting her, what have I become?

The other week I set FOX to tape and even though it had the F-ing red R next to it, it still didn’t record!

Like when you try something 3 times on the computer and finally give up and seek help and they do the exact same thing and it works!

Or when the phone had an update and changes your whole fucking calendar settings, which you loved (no Cheryl I still haven’t gotten over that).

Or when you ring Apple and the support crew know less about the device than you do, like the iPad doesn’t come standard with a calculator app! (Am I right Jo Carcatsis? 4 hours later and a visit to the store-😖).

Or when your ‘smart TV’ is fucking dumber than a blo….. never mind, and won’t connect to internet so you cant watch Netflix even though you’ve paid for it. C u next Tuesday (Thanks Bachy for that one).

And beyond technology when muppets driving don’t use the turn out lane, or leave a space so big at the stop lights I could reverse park in there but leave 3 quarters of a space when parking for school pickup. Yes Fulham North mums I’m talking about you! Bring on driverless cars if they learn to do that….WHAT! Am I now advocating for technology?

Oh how the fuck do I know? I’m mentally tormented!

On a brighter note I’m in good running to win the Bachy sweeps ATM.

Happy days xx

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