Then this happened

After nearly 15 months of physical trauma I feel my body slowly start to heal, and after 5 months of mental trauma, slowly but surely I see the mottled light breaking through and healing my mind.

The torment, the challenge, the hard work will never be over. The process doesn’t work that way. But with the resilient mind and a body that never gives up, I am strong & determined to live a happy, healthy and whole life – not to survive but to ‘thruvive’ cancer. I have been dealing & processing the trauma, working through the fog, day by day for months now and quite frankly, now recognise … how can I say this ? Oh yeah … that I’m fucking awesome!

The strength I keep finding is astounding me. My cup us still spilling over but of course it would. Aside from the obvious, a new career would do that to the average person – or all the losses associated with treatment, over many many years!

Anyway my blog/website is due to expire end of the month, I need to know if you’re interested in me renewing it, up dating it or saying goodbye to it.

Let me know your thoughts

Happy days xx

4 thoughts on “Then this happened

  1. If Murray could say “Bugger” I reckon he would. He still looks cute 🙂 I have really enjoyed reading your blog, book and everything in between so would love it if you kept it going. xx

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  2. Happy, sad, funny, embarrassing, heartfelt, emotional what ever emotion you are feeling or writing about please keep writing. I look forward to hearing your take on what you have been dealt in life, but also the way you can describe day to day life. Love it & keep writing xx

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