Call it??

Survivor guilt, post traumatic stress or just stress but my cup has been full for more than half my life and just about now, if there is the slightest irritation, my cup spills over.

Well the advice for this was nothing I didn’t already know..honestly – mediation, deep diaphragm breathing, yoga, fresh air, healthy diet, vitamin D, but what I didn’t know was the science behind it, so that’s really cool to have a scientific reason for feeling the way I do. In the past it would all balance out with my exercise and since that hasn’t been able to happen its built up over many many many months.

I had already made inroads to a new exercise & diet routine. A few weeks ago I sourced and attended a yoga studio I plan to visit often, continued regular meditations, improved my diet, and most importantly one breath, one step, one task at a time.

Happy days xx

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