Exactly 1 year ago today at approximately this time, I got out of the shower after doing 2 classes at the gym and put my knickers on. I had a habit of doing this in front of the full length mirror and then checking my self out full frontal then profile view, always totally focussed on my stomach….was it less fat than the day before?

About 2 weeks prior Todd had made a joke about one of my nipples, commenting how it looked funny, and at the time I’d looked down at it, acknowledging it did look funny then put my bra on. Out of sight out of mind!

On this particular day I let my eyes ascend above my waist line in the mirror and noticed that in fact my right nipple did look rather odd. I describe it as inverted. In my brain I thought ‘oh yeah Todd mentioned that, I thought that would be normal by now, well I guess I should cop a feel’.

I cupped my right breast and immediately knew there was a problem. Not knowing how serious, I was hoping for a cyst but had a negative nelly whispering ‘I hope it’s not cancer’, on my shoulder.

On further investigation the lump felt like a small water balloon, filling my entire breast cavity and spreading puffiness into my upper chest and neck region. On closer inspection my breasts actually looked the same size (right has always been smaller) and my right upper site above the breast gave the appearance of looking swollen. It was ever so slightly warm.

I rang my GP, told Todd in the car on the way to Mt Gambier that evening and the rest is history.

Today I put my knickers on in front of the full length mirror, check myself out full frontal and profile. Needless to say I don’t notice the missing breasts because I rarely looked past my stomach anyway. Somethings change but some things stay the same!

Happy days xc

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