Power’s out!

Thats the text I got from Fos while getting my eyes tested this morning.

It appears I have the beginning onset of cataracts (my feeling of the world gone slightly foggy), my heomotologist warned me about this 20 years ago from the steroids and he was spot on with the time frame. I also need a double script for reading computer and books. One eye is worse than the other. Todd’s script is of the same order (however he has no cataracts and his eyesight is symetrical). In addition to my cataracts, the hormone blocker Tomoxifin, I’m due to start soon, apparently causes cortical blindness if on for more than 5 years (I have been told I’ll be on a hormone blocker for 10). With all this in mind I must see an optometrist every 12 months now, and I’ll certainly be discussing the hormone blocker with my oncologist in earnest (considering I’ve been in menopause for 20 odd years already).

I picked up my shoes today and for $35 they look amazing. Can’t remember if I mentioned, after the Fabio incident I took them back and asked just for the zip replacement and his boss offered a cheaper fix of the heel included all for $35, not $120. When I went to pick them up last week they weren’t ready because the shoe was made “super well” and they had to virtually pull it apart to fix it. They said “a very expensive shoe”. I got them on sale for $50 ! (That’s what I told Todd anyway), so all in all a shoe worth fixing in the end!

Repaired shoes

When we arrived home to the 45 minute black out (Lucky Fos has 35 gig of data he reminds me), we walk in to find Murray has chewed through the internet cable!

I scream, Todd hits Murray, Foster groans ‘how will he ever survive – the girlfriend’s coming over tonight!’

Upon closer inspection it’s just the extension cord no longer being used for anything, so we flick the safety switch, congratulate the dog and do a quick calculation of how grateful we are the dog’s not dead!

Chewed electrical cord

Happy days xx

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