Fabio v Deb

So I was trying to get my shoe fixed today..

Shoe dog had chewed to destruction

of which Murray had chewed (which btw would cost more than the shoe itself) so now my two favourite pair of cruise shoes are just a distant memory as I left my thongs on the beach walking Murray weeks ago…

Anyway, back to my story, the shoe repair guy (who described himself as Fabio) said to me “I’ve decided when I want to flirt with a girl” flattered I think

I just take my hair down and tell them my hair looks better than yours” no longer flattered! And then he proceeds to take his long locks down which fall to the middle of his back and does the Fabio swish.

I tell him it’s even healthy, yeah I’m jealous.

And he he says

“Why don’t you just grow yours out”

I respond

“Dude! This is me growing it out! I’ve just had cancer”

He goes “Oh shit, way to dis a cancer survivor, now I just feel bad” meanwhile I feel better

“Can u fix the shoes for free then?” I ask

No deal. We part as even adversaries.

Happy days xx

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