Light Bulb!

I started this blog with the intention to inform, help others in similar situations through, share the experience so people didn’t feel alone….and yet along the road I made it about me.

When did this start? When I stopped listening to Tamara Levitt my meditation narrator. She kept talking and I stopped listening and before I knew it my walls were closing in.

Have u ever noticed meditation is only 1 letter away from medication? I know which one I’d rather take!

Today is my 10th radiotherapy session, only 15 more to go. As predicted 10 days in it is starting to get a little uncomfortable but it’s a quick routine and I’m almost done. I’ll be finished the day before Anzac Day as I’ve chosen to do a Saturday. So I’ll be 3 days clear for my birthday and I’m taking that week off after Easter.

Happy days xx

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