The Iceberg

Cracked down to the tip touching the nerves. Already necrosised! Dentist was so pleased it came out in one piece.

They treated me so well today at Flinders Park Family Dental Practice. Squeezing me in to do it today. Aris has seen me through 2 cancers now and Tracey at the desk is always so lovely. The 2 dentist brothers that helped me today Lawrence & Marcus were so thoughtful and even Aris triple checked b4 it was pulled to see if that really was the only option.

They all loved my teeth so much I think were more upset than me about extracting it.🤣 I definitely felt the love 💖 (discount applied & all).

Currently on panadeine, nurofen & endone. I could seriously promote pain killers for the drug companies. Endone has finally hit the sides.

I just ate Heinz spaghetti and no joke got an entire spoonful of it stuck in my healthy/happy/hole!

Happy days xx

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