Day of appointments

So today was filled with a lot of waiting around. Met with my Surgeon this morning who started talking a log of gobblygook, enough to have even Todd questioning why we were there.

She did a physical exam and said “feel like absolutely completely normal breasts to me”, then still discussed if I want bi-lateral, how that will effect implants, I said no implants only flab reconstruction and she said “where from? your waist doesn’t look big enough”  I said “trust me, they’ll be small but enough”

She then discussed the risks of my surgery regarding my virus with bleeds, pneumonia, heart attack, but is fairly confident it should be ok to go ahead – anesthetist will have the final say when I speak to her, today or tomorrow.

Christine then sent me off for my first imaging since diagnosis -mammo, ultrasound and blood tests.  The Radiolists (who clipped my tumor and lymph node) was fairly confident, not much to report on.  I meet with Christine the Surgeon tomorrow for results.  Given she said “I look good”, I’m optimistically hopeful everything will go as planned.

If so, I fast Friday morning, spend early at Benson Radiology @ Ashford having a Lymphoscinitgram (don’t even ask), but I think it will determine if I have a Sentinel Lymph biopsy [removal of 1 or to actual nodes] or Axillary Lymph dissection [removal of nodes from an affected area of the armpit].  I’m confident it will be the former rather than latter as, they weren’t too concerned in the ultrasound room.  I then proceed to check in at Western at 12.30pm.  All going well I should be home by Saturday!

That’s all I know so far.  I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Days xx




One thought on “Day of appointments

  1. Wow- frantic few days/weeks coming up. Just know that you are surrounded by love 🙂 Even when we aren’t physically with you rest assured we are thinking of you. xxxx

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