Shit Burgers

Just had a shit burger dealt, well a shit slider, it’s not huge just Fricken inconvenient, annoying & frustrating.

Have been fighting a cold all week. Every February I am prone to getting Pharyngitis / Laryngitis coupled with viral asthma and/or chest infection. When I woke up this morning with a cough & no sleep I booked a GP appointment straight after my heart scan. Took the day off and GP gave me the rest of next week hoping it will be enough rest for the virus to be gone so surgery will not cancelled.

So more unpaid sick leave, was supposed to start Claims Officer role next week, given ventolin script & precautionary antibiotics if it turns bacterial over weekend & will ring surgeon with verdict on Monday.

On Viral Guard hoping that will way lay onset and had vegetable soup for tea.

Happy days 😔 xx

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