Back to reality.. Oh here comes gravity

Had the best time almost forgot I had cancer. We started with a great day in Sydney where the girls saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory on stage then the adults together for a night on a rooftop bar overlooking the Quay. First few days on ship I gymed, yogid, danced, zumbad, Sambad, joined a flash mob & did my avascular necrosis knee in but hell it was worth it! I dont often toot my own horn but had multiple people say I was an awesome dancer and all eyes were on me for the flash mob crew cues….bald head probably helped the attention along.

We played cards, watched stage shows, swam and did the proverbial eating & drinking. Totally forgot how shit I had felt only a few weeks prior.

We saw NZ fur seals, yellow eyed penguins, the Sounds even though they were Fiords. More cows than sheep, live/active volkingcanos ( as Fos used to say ), hot springs, geysers, a beautiful land filled with beautiful people.

I devil jetted, sky swung, luged, zip lined, leapt off a tower backwards and survived Carm’s driving at 6 in the morning. Nothing bonds friends like the imminent avoidance of crushing metal! Lol x

I’m sure I’ve missed a million things, events, happenings that occurred, it was a 14 day holiday that seemed to last forever and felt timeless. Big shoutout to Donna Scalfino for organising us!

Tommoro I unpack, wash, shop and prepare for Murray’s arrival (more notice than we ever got for Fos). Tuesday chemo, Wednesday pre radiotherapy appointment (the zap) and Work (Wed, Thurs, Fri), Thursday – Mur. Following week I start my new job (Mon, Tues, Wed) pre surgery appointment, Wednesday and of course finally the “crack” AKA the chop on Friday 8th.

As I said, back to reality – no rest for the wicked.

Happy days xx

6 thoughts on “Back to reality.. Oh here comes gravity

  1. You are AMAZING Deb. So happy to hear you had such a fantastic holiday and it sounds like you covered all adventure activities NZ had to offer! Always thinking of you. Lots of love Carol x

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