Lost Count

Don’t know what round what week what day but do know it’s my 2nd to last Paclataxel!

HB 91 today which would explain why I’m feeling so wiped out. Only 3 more days of work till 2 weeks off then 3 more days of work and another 2 weeks of on our cruise!

As for Fletch I can’t believe he’s gone but looking forward to a new member of the family soon. Funny story….we’d ordered from the Murray assuming we’d drive to pick him up but turns out its the Murray River bordering NSW & VIC!

A good friend at work told me a little something I think worth sharing: the grief from loosing someone never changes, let’s say it’s the size of a basketball and all encompassing. As time moves on that basketball size grief never changes but the size of your life experiences grow therefore making the grief less all encompassing. I will never stop loving and missing Fletch, just as I have never stopped loving or missing Spencer, Mum or Nana! But as they say “Time heals” and I am convinced it’s because we are always expanding our experience.

Happy Days xx

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