Round 10 Week 1 Day 1

Great news today.

After today’s session only 2 more hits of Paclataxel! Vy is letting last week’s missed session slide.

Last double chemo will be xmas eve, then I will revert to 3 weekly Hercepton starting first round on NYE. Patients already talking NYE party 10am with expresso martinis while intravenously fed vodka! Nurses are threatening a breath test prior to hook up, so we’ll have to be discreet.

Normal for my blurred vision to linger apparently after a bout of vertigo. Vy suggested it may have been a culmative effect of chemo, as has happened to another patient. HB 105 today so amazing how fast that rises when chemo stops (by skipping that week). No wonder I felt so god dam good, I didn’t know myself. Also fun fact – my complaining of hay fever all this time, can be accounted for because of no nose hair, nothing to stop the nose from dripping incessantly.

Both boys came to chemo with me this morning and when Foster walked into appointment with me, Vy asked “are you guys Asian, have I missed something?” So cute, cause she’s Malaysian.

Trina, my Hercepton partner in crime, said her hair grew back grey, then changed colour to brunette. Now that’s exciting.

Happy days xx

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