Never Ending Illness

Well it certainly has been never ending for me this weekend. My wish was granted, I got to work on Friday and went to Never Ending 80’s Friday night. Dressed as Sinead O’Connor (although I’m sure everyone just thought I was gay, especially when I was slow swaying with ‘Boy George’), I lasted on my feet till band break at 10.30pm. I danced in my mind but not so much on the soles of my feet, I would have loved to have stayed and just bopped in a chair, but only spairs were around all the smokers. To all my beautiful Lockley’s mums who looked after me, Chez, Donna, Kim, Paige, Gabs, Sara big mwas xxxx Glad we didn’t make lock up for ‘skipping’ out on the bill!

Felt light headed and dizzy when I left Friday and when I woke up on Saturday I had blurred vision and vertigo. By Sat night I rang the hospital, they asked if I had been drinking and Deb being Deb, had to confirm if she meant fluids or alcohol. Upon answering, yes to both, ha ha, she assured me to keep fluids up and get a good sleep.

By morning I had not improved and also vomited for the first time since treatment (promptly after the dog vomited), so rang again. Spoke to oncologist on duty, confirmed I have no temperature, so they advised more fluids, rest and report to Dr in morning. Possible viral ear infection?

Foster serenaded me with the guitar and gently helped me to the loo. I actually dozed off during the day -never happens! My two besties text to see how I was (again, thanks Chez & Dan). Kenny dropped in yesterday on his cool motor bike and made us laugh with Lisa stories (sorry Lisa). Wasn’t well enough for a spin like I was a few weeks ago on Carl’s Tri cycle.

Todd made a delicious roast for tea, first thing I ate all day, and feeling a little better now (which is why I can even type this without feeling nauseous)..

I tried Jo Jo’ juice which was yummy, which Foster also juiced for me. Thanks Fos & Jo O’Toole!

And as the universe works, here I am typing this, and on comes Michael B Jordan promoting Creed II, and showing footage of the real punches he took, making the movie.

I get knocked down, but I get up again. Ding ding, bring it on.

Happy days xx

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