Round 9 Week 2 Day 1

Dont throw the towel in….no matter what

That’s what Apollo said to Rocky b4 fighting Ivan Drago. Well I have to live by that motto.

Last week I had to cancel two social engagements and spent the entire weekend on the couch. Don’t feel much better for it, but got a whole binge season of The Goldbergs in which I thoroughly enjoyed. And would u know it, a friend who somehow always knows when I need a visit, does an impromptu pop in and makes me feel better. Luv ya guts Cheryl, you are such a treasure. Can’t wait to be stuck on a ship with you for 10 days.

Today I got the results of my 3hr scan last week. There does seem to be a benign tumour on the parathyroid, which will need to be removed in due course. More tests to confirm but these can wait till after my breast surgery. To remove the thyroid will be a lengthy 6-8 hr operation. The way Vy sold it to me is this. Normally elevated calcium blood levels can indicate another cancer. By finding a benign tumour attached is great news as it means no cancer (although could become malignant if left). So it will be something to consider potentially when port removed around November. This may or may not delay reconstruction… Another very long operation. So we’ll just wait and see.

My itchy arms are a paclataxel reaction and I now have cortisone cream for (I actually diagnosed myself for this and the treatment b4 the Dr even suggested it…seriously missed my calling)

I have had this thing in my eye for 2 weeks which I have thought is sleep which I could not remove. Turns out its a sty and I need to warm compress it.

My packataxel remains reduced from 150ml to 110ml. My blood calcium is normal today, my blood count today is 98. My white cell count is up (73) today which does not surprise me as I feel a bit of a sore throat and teeny tiny cough coming on. I can hopefully keep that at bay.

All I want is to be able to make Never Ending 80’s Friday night.

Happy days xx

2 thoughts on “Round 9 Week 2 Day 1

  1. Love ya right back. Always be right beside you – or if necessary behind you as we push forward with beating this crap cancer into the ground. xxxx

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