Round 9 Week 1 Day 1

Well I’d like to say only 5 more rounds till my cruise but there’s a slight alteration, more in that later.

First and foremost the important stuff, my amazing weekend. Starting with a pampered pedicure and nail refill directly from work Friday night, while enjoying a wine & an expresso Martini. Unfortunately did not enjoy them later that night with wretched heartburn. At least this effect is forcing me to drink less and eat better. Thoroughly exhausted from 4 days at work and a night out I had a sleep in Saturday before an amazing group of friends arrived for fun in the sun our way. Joined by friends my husband went to school with and their families with whipper snappers aged from 4 to 17! We started drinking then eating then swimming then Singstar! Rounded out the weekend on Sunday with a trip to Belair a small hit of tennis and a lovely time with the footy families O’Reilly’s, Schuster’s & Barry & Finn. Completed with a dip in the pool spa at home.

After chemo and Herceptin today, I’m off to cross the road and watch my Bute neices in SAPSASA tennis.

Now for the boring stuff….Vy told me today I have a Herceptin treatment (no chemo) on New Year’s Eve…..which I hadn’t realised, but my toxic chemo definitely finishes in 5 more weeks (Xmas Eve).

My calcium levels have reverted back to normal once again on their own. Yay, getting less and less scanxiety (thanks for that new term Tash) for Wednesday now.

HB 101 (same as last week). Due to my itching and finger numbness, Vy has reduced my Paclataxel dose slightly, no effect on cancer outcome she assures me.

Feeling very confident today, excited about our cruise – 56 days to go! And just looking forward to finishing the chemo and feeling more like myself again, very soon.

Happy days xx

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