Everything but the cancer!

Today – Round 8 Week 3 Day 6

Hay fever, heart burn, hyperparathyroidism, numb fingers, tired, no fingertips, no stamina, no sleep and potentially no job.  These are all the things keeping me awake at night.  Is that ridiculous or what?

Last night highlighted for me I CANNOT drink red wine any more!  All night with wicked heart burn nearly killing me.  This morning all I do is blow my nose with blood because of this dam adult onset hay fever (caused by change in hormones apparently).

I seriously have not been able to swipe into my phone for weeks, on Tuesday night had lots of tingling in my fingers and now they are just numb and smooth and I realise, it’s not my phone packing up, it my fingers smoothing over.  I have the perfect alibi to commit robbery (which I might need to do to afford this cruise) as I have no finger prints to leave behind and they won’t find my DNA only, my bone marrow donor’s Janet.

I cannot get my head around this parathyroid BS.  Nuclear medicine test is on Wednesday and will probably have results by Monday week, but if side effects of hyperparathyroidism are as Dr Dan suggests, as I suspect they are – then I am just as likely to eat my words and have to say I have had some. MABS = Moans (psychological, NO), Abdominal Groans (constipation, swelling, bloating YES YES YES), Bones (Noooooo?  I have high bone density or I have dead bones, let you decide on that one), Stones (Kydney stones, Nooooo? but I do have high blood pressure which can also effect Kydney function so I might be at risk).  I just can’t deal with them taking it out and keep picturing myself in a wheel chair with osteoporosis and usable to support my own weight, but then again maybe that will help lose that massive swollen tyre I carry around my waist.  Oh the agony of side effects to all those years ago.

On the bright side I am here to tell you all about it.

Happy days xx


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