Round 8 Week 3 Day 2

Well as promised to myself I smashed out a double class today albeit Body Balance & Over 50’s Forever Young. Dennis O’Donnell you are a true legend. You are the same now as you were 20 years ago leading, calling and instructing the best good old fashioned technical aerobic plus step class there is, ever was & ever will be. 40 in the class – no one fills that upstairs group class gym room like you do. What an amazing bunch of ‘girls’, already invited me to join them for lunch after class!

As for my fitness, my (above average) resting heart rate sits around 85/90. During class it has always reached, as it did today, 160 and dropped back to 120 with 2 minute rest. Still fit: although my stamina wavered, after short rests I could keep going. Best class ever, aerobics/step/weights/stretch combo Dennis style. My knee even held up on the step doing low impact.

Jazzie you also rocked Body Balance!

New plan every Tuesday… unfortunately have lunch booked next Tuesday but beyond that I will be a regular.

Also bumped into a mum of a friend I went to school with who passed away 3 years ago guessed it – Cancer. Rest in peace Jodie, makes you feel lucky to be alive does it not!

Happy days xx

2 thoughts on “Round 8 Week 3 Day 2

  1. Well done to you. Never had a doubt you could pick up where you left off. You trained your body well in the past so it remembers. Great effort xxxx

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