Day 2 – Happy as Larry (Su)

Dam that felt goooooood!  Home from gym after body balance.  First visit since August.  At first I felt my walk up the stairs was my work out and I was done.  Then I though my warm up was exhausting and I was done.  Then I found my second wind and didn’t look back. Not the best fitness & stamina I’ve ever had, but hell you gotta give to my body for it’s muscle memory.  It’s a beautiful thing when you hit that rhythm, enjoy the pain, love the music cause it just makes you want to move and feel the endorphins.  I  certainly did not find it as hard as I was expecting it to be, despite taking some of the beginner options, I still managed some advanced moves too.  Next week I’m planning on a double class.  The only reason I didn’t stay to day was because I didn’t take my sneakers.



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