Round 7 – Week 3, Day 1

Had an amazing weekend in Tanunda with the Mesecke/Kreig/Trengove clan. Spent 2 hours shopping in the main street on my own Saturday morning, having spent an undisclosed amount of money. Did 10 pin bowling (scored 9, until I subbed Foster in- so exhausting just lifting the 9 pnd ball). Then 18 holes of putt putt ( hole in one, and still managed to come 2nd to last in my team). Managed 3 laps in the pool Sunday (about 32 mtrs) and then a few water slides with the kids then back in the pool for another 2 laps & then a 25 minute float….. Glorious.

Pure exhaustion had by whole family then up early for chemo this morning. Blood tests show HB 88 so needing a blood transfusion this week. Dr worded it well, understandable & quite normal u have no stamina. Not an indication of ur fitness. The transfusion could take up to 5 hours, due to my transplant history & my unusual blood type.

I have hyperparathyroidism also. Have had it before but it was not a major concern. Affects kydney function and causes an hormonal calcium imbalance. Can lead to osteoporosis, kydney stones, lethargy, if untreated. May need the parathyroid removed during Feb surgery. More than likely another side effect from my transplant. Having extra drug and fluid today to try and combat it, so we’ll see.

Meanwhile just got a phone call literally, while in the chair, to a job interview Friday for a really exciting new role at RSB. Wish me luck. Hope to continue my amazing time with them.

Happy days xx

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