Crash & Burn

That’s what has happened to Todd. I think I’ve broken him.  He’s so buggered with his own nephritis that he fell over yesterday cleaning the pool. We had a big fight yesterday about who was more tired (pretty sure with a Hb of 95 I had to have won). But then we get to Foodland and they’ve got Greek day happening and with his mysophonia in full swing and the loud music and people everywhere blocking our path he turned into just a typical  grumgy old man.  Don’t worry we’re not donzos quite yet…but you can certainly see how a couple of chronic illnesses can rip people apart.

So with that we worked our respective buts off trying to achieve normality…shopping, pool, garden, washing, tidying, dog walk, meeting overdue friend for a drink and then on to other friends to plan cruise, and this morning think I may have over done it. Have every symptom this new chemo has to offer and then some: (takes me back to Interferon days!)

Tingly and numb fingertips



Total body aches & pains

Complete lethargy & exhaustion

Combine with hot flushes, adult onset hayfever & I think I now have a cold.

If it’s not my body temperature irregularities waking me up, it’s the dam partners’s snoring. Combine that with zyrech and I feel like a very sick zombie.

On the up side it’s Sunday & only 11 more of these treatments. Next one tomorrow. 1st time on my own.

Happy days xx stay positive, it could always be worse.

RIP: Matt Jackson

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