Round 7 – Great Day 2

toy bird cage with the word LOVE inside

Started my new regime yesterday (took 5 hours), but will shorten from here on.  I will try and spell it right this time:

Paclitaxal (weekly) and Trastuzumab (three weekly – which is the targeted drug Hercepton I keep banging on about) to block the Protein HER2 that caused the cells to become mutant rogue cancer cells.

This regime will follow me through to Christmas Eve.  And then after that only three week (by intravenous) Herception until about October next year, 2019.

As expected and and advised, I feel pretty good today. A bit tired because I have 8mg of steroid every week, which keeps me awake, but that is only once a week before treatment and may get reduced over time if I tolerate the  chemo well.  Hemoglobin was 95 and as long as I have no extreme symptoms and it doesn’t go below 90 I should avoid any blood transfusions.

I see my “restack” surgeon next Tuesday, where I will be discussing those awesome tits I’ll be getting and see my “crack it” surgeon on 5th December where I will be convincing her to do my double mastectomy at the same time on the 8th of Feb.

After recovery from surgery in Feb I will do daily radiotherapy for a month or so and then start my oral hormone blockers (daily for the next 10 years).  This still blows me away that I couldn’t have kids with all these hormones!! But who’d want one of their own when you could have FOS.

Feeling grateful the worst is over.  Happy days from here on xx

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