Visiting Pity City

For the first time in this journey I have been feeling a bit miserable when I look in the mirror, thinking it’s only going to get worse….fat, bald, unfit and soon to be boobless….and then the universe sends me two very timely reminders this morning.

RIP Mark Beswick who would have been 44 today

& A shout out to a colleague Matt Jackson who is battling for his life with leukemia.

Life sux and then you die so make every moment count, even the sucky ones. It’s part if this thing we call LIFE


4 thoughts on “Visiting Pity City

  1. So true Deb. You are allowed to have days when you feel miserable, it’s part of the process. You have such a strong spirit and nothing will keep you down for long. Just fight this bugger and keep your gloves up! Xxxx

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  2. Happy Birthday to Mark – such an amazingly strong man.
    My thoughts and best wishes to your colleague Matt.
    And to you my friend – How about you look in the mirror and see you as I do -strong, inspirational, much loved and beautiful. If you need help to do this I will stand beside you and chant it until you believe it. Xx

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