Chemo Brain

The struggle is real::

When U walk around your house for 5 minutes with an empty washing basket trying to remember what U picked it up for.

When you try and write with a fork.

When you walk to the printer and when you arrive, don’t know why you’re there.

When you can’t work out the puns your gen y colleague is taunting you with. Lol

2 thoughts on “Chemo Brain

  1. I am assuming I may be said ‘Gen Y’ colleague ;)…. I think the criticism is with the pun/drawing quality rather than with the chemo brain. Will ease up on the taunting… maybe. xx


    1. ah ha – worked it out – can’t reply on phone but yes you are correct, you are the smarty pants gen y taunter! keep them coming Georgia, great brain training. I could get you a gig on my site, to keep the readers thinking!! you are a master drawer xx


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