Round 6

Hi there.  Now who knows where this will end up on my blog page (new to blogging & totally new to building my own website, it could end up anywhere – possibly even a dark cloud in the abyss).  When I have it all sorted out I will endeavor to post all my old posts from Caringbridge in my flashbacks, so you can do a catch up if you wish.

Anyway, those new to me and just joining would not know my breast tumor when found in July, started at 7cm and today I was informed they cant locate it under ultra sound. ooah ooah.  Still a long road to go, still double mastectomy to come, radiotherapy, a further year of chemotherapy, all be it not a cytotoxin, after today but a therapeutic chemotherapy, targeting the HER2+ protein and blocking my hormones.  Meaning for anyone outside the medical jargon…less side effects and my hair grows back!  and finally the reconstruction.  As I first revealed to my friends, I won the quadruple treatment.  The whack it, crack it, zap it and restack it kind.

For those not familiar, I am a Sly Stallone nutty fan, and so have taken on this fight with Rocky in mind – thus the Round theme!

As usual I started the hiccups on cue when Cyclophosphamide started ripping through my veins today – and the constant runny nose has probably been linked also (unless I all of sudden now have hay fever).

I am quite comfortable with my bald head, after all, it’s the third time in my life I have lived with it.  Very shortly (about a month I reckon), I will be ditching the wigs, hats, scarves etc etc and donning the big earnings and embracing the baldness all together.  Can’t wait to feel liberated.  Bring on Never Ending 80’s where I can go as Sinead O’Connor!

Meanwhile my 14 year old dog Fletcher, just went in search of some water as he drunk his water bowl dry.  He found some in the turtle enclosure outside (which really was only pond scum) and then got trapped, so after a rescue he proceeded to come in side and vomit all over the rug.  Happy days….seriously – happy days. xx

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